Starlink Laser Tech 星泽激光科技 (Mold Texture by Laser Ablation) | Laser Mold Texturing
Mold Texture - Laser ablation with precision 5-axis GF AgieCharmille Laser Machine
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Laser Mold Texturing

What is Laser Ablation Mold Texturing?

Laser ablation mold texturing uses high energy laser beams to engrave the mould based on an entirely digital process of texture mapping in software. The supplier only need to provide the 3D mould file, choose a texture, and the resulting visual appearance can be simulated for the supplier to review on the computer screen.

Example 5-axis laser etching machining

Why use laser ablation texturing for your project?

Precision and high density textures

Laser ablation removes material from mold surface layer by layer to result in a texture, hence textures such as diamond shape with sharp corners, knit, small shapes, and gradient can be achieved.

Full Repeatability

The textures on different clone molds will be the same when using laser ablation texturing, reducing variance in mass production.

What you see is what you get

The texture that will be applied to the tool can be previewed and will become the resulting texture on the product.

No distortion/part lines

With 5-axis laser machine, texturing can be applied to molds with various curved surfaces and will not result in part lines or distortion in texture. Exact locations can be pinpointed automatically on a mold surface for high precision texturing.

Improve production lead time

Besides programming, laser ablation mold texturing is an entirely automated process, hence reducing room for error. Laser texturing can achieve the results that otherwise require several processes such as milling and electroplating to complete.