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Mold Texture - Laser ablation with precision 5-axis GF AgieCharmille Laser Machine
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About Us

Transforming Tomorrow

About Starlink Laser Technology Limited

Textures and grains on consumer products have seen great importance in the tool making process as this process distinguishes a product by adding physical and visual qualities. Traditionally, this process involves a chemical etching process that is done manually and has its limitations in terms of the shape of the tool and the level of detail of the texture.

Nowadays, understanding that there are increasing product choices for the consumer and high quality requirements from toolmakers, Starlink Laser Tech has imported 5-axis laser machine from GF AgieCharmilles to provide precision laser ablation texturing service for tool designers and makers across the globe. The process of laser ablation texturing is a highly technical and automated one which allows for accuracy in microns. Moreover, the level of texture detail and customization that can be achieved with this breakthrough process is limitless – what is designed in 3D software can be achieved in the final product. In some cases textures need to go through several processes such as milling and electroplating before resulting in the desired texture – instead, the same can be achieve with one single laser ablation texturing process, thus reducing the lead time and costs.

At Starlink Laser Tech, quality and design comes first. Contact us now to see how we can add value to your tool making process.


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